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Best Versions: From Average to Excellence

Best Versions: From Average to Excellence

Hosted by: Rushdhi Ismail

Do you feel you’ve achieved something in your life, but you find it challenging to balance your faith, fitness and family? Rushdhi Ismail, a computer engineer turned nutrition and life coach uses his experience of...

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Episode 33: How Much Sleep Do We Need to Optimise Our Health?

How many hours of sleep do you need every day if you really want to thrive in your life? This is what we discuss in this episode. I hope you'll be able to take away a ton from today's episode!
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Episode 32: What We Got Wrong About Sleep's Impact on Mental Health

Sleep is the foundation of your physical and mental health. If your foundation is not strong, the whole building will collapse. Likewise, if your sleep is not sound, both your physical and mental health will suffer...
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Episode 31: Six Reasons Why Lack of Sleep is Absolutely Disastrous for Your Body - Part 2

Episode #31

In this episode, we continue our chat on the dangers of lack of sleep. The fourth reason I talk about in this episode is relevant to everyone. Find out what it is! 
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Episode 30: Six Reasons Why Lack of Sleep is Absolutely Disastrous for Your Body - Part 1

Episode #30

You may have experienced some of the negative aspects of getting sleep in your life. But did you know that it can cause havoc on your physiology? I invite you to learn more about it in this episode! 
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Episode 29: Why Sleep Matters

Episode #29

Sleep is the most important thing we need in our lives. It is the most important thing we can do to optimise our success.Wonder why? Check out this episode! 
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Episode 28: How Increasing Your Worship Can Improve Your Character

Episode #28

What is the connection between worship and character? Can we improve our character by improving our worship? That's the question we attempt to answer in this episode. 
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Episode 27: How to Improve Your Energy Levels, Productivity, and Overall Well-Being Using Naps!

Episode #27

This episode is about how naps can improve your energy levels, productivity, and overall well being. It's a simple, free and accessible tool that you can use today to get the most out of your day.
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Episode 26: Ten Incredible Ways to Achieve Allah's Infinite Love

Episode #26

Ibn Al-Qayyim rahimahumullah presents ten ways to achieve Allah's love in his Madarij-us-Saalikeen.And I've adapted them in this episode and made them simple for you to understand and practice! Do you want to come...
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Episode 25: What Everybody Ought to Know About Astonishing Benefits of Exercise

Episode #25

Public Health institutions call exercise a "miracle cure" or "magic pill"!Wonder why? In this episode, you'll find out why exercise is super important for your health and learn how to put the theory into practice! 
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Episode 24: Three Mental Health Benefits of Exercise Most People Unaware Of!

Episode #24

Most people talk about exercise in connection with the body. It's mostly about how exercise can help us lose weight, become stronger, how great it's for our heart health, etc.However, the mental health benefits of...
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Episode 23: Why Regular Exercise Is a Means to Come Closer to Your Lord

Episode #23

Exercise is an incredibly powerful tool to enhance many areas of our life.But did you know it could also be a means towards coming closer to your Lord? Find out the how in this episode! 
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Episode 22: Why Is Taking Care of Your Health Exceptionally Crucial to Your Life?

Episode #22

What’s your take on health? Do you consider it to be something of importance? Well, let’s dive deep into this episode and find out Islam’s take on health and why it’s so crucial in our life. Get ready for a paradigm...
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