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In part 1, I discussed how important the purpose of our goal is. In this part, you will discover how these ‘5-Whys’ will help you to find your purpose behind your goal, insha Allah.

Case study

Let me show you how this ‘5-Why’ strategy has helped me to find the real purpose behind my weight-loss and how it has helped me to lose weight efficiently, while becoming a better person.

This strategy asks 5 repetitive ‘whys’ in a question and answer method.

  1. The first question I asked myself was:
    Why do I want to lose weight and become lean and healthy?
    My answer was: “Because I want to look good, be strong and keep healthy!”On the basis of your answer, you create the second question. My second question was this:
  1. Why do I want to look good, be strong and keep healthy? (Keep the format of the question consistent)
    Because when I look good and am strong and healthy, I am more confident about myself.
  1. Why do I need to feel confident about myself?
    Because when I am confident, I can empower others!
  1. Why do I want to empower others?
    Because empowering others is one of my ultimate purposes in life.
  1. Why is empowering others one of my ultimate purposes in life?
    Because empowering others enables me to leave an ever-lasting legacy.

Losing weight and getting lean and healthy was important for me to have more confidence in my life, which helps me to empower others. And, it’s very true that empowering others is one of the most important purposes of my life. I believe this is the way towards leaving an ever-lasting legacy for the sake of Allah subuhanawuta’ala.

So knowing that my weight-loss had such a profound purpose, I took it very seriously and the process of getting lean and healthy was relatively easy for me, Alhamdulillah.

I’ve started eating healthier and have been regular with my exercise.

Amongst tons of other amazing outcomes, these are some of the important ones from my healthy eating and regular exercise:

  • I’ve been super productive since my brain gets all the nutrients it needs
  • Losing weight and getting lean and healthy was a 20-year struggle. Achieving that gives me so much of confidence, Alhamdulillah.
  • I can wake up in the morning easily
  • I always feel energised and I can mostly control my emotions better.
  • I thank Allah more often for what He has bestowed upon my family and me.

Finding out my real purpose behind losing weight was a significant moment for me to be continuously motivated in that journey.

Now it’s your turn. Give some serious thought about the real purpose of your goals and be honest to yourself. This could be one of your very few “aha” moments in your life… mark my words!


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