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The Misconceptions Muslims Have About Money

 Money and wealth: a topic that many in the Muslim community find a bit... tricky. Have you ever stopped to consider why some of us carry around certain attitudes toward money? Well, it's high time we addressed these misconceptions that could be hampering our journey toward financial stability and, indeed, overall well-being.


5 Common Misconceptions About Money in the Muslim Community

Misconception 1: Money is the Root of All Evil

Let's get one thing straight—money itself is not the villain here. What can turn it ugly is the excessive love of money. Remember, it's just a tool to facilitate life, not a life goal.

Misconception 2: Wealth Indicates Allah’s Favour

This one's complicated. It's tempting to think that wealth is a sign of Allah's favour and poverty is not. But the Islamic perspective is far richer and more nuanced, recognising that both wealth and poverty come with their own sets of trials and blessings.

Misconception 3: Ambition is Arrogance

Who said wanting more is a bad thing? Being ambitious doesn't mean you're arrogant. It means you have goals and the will to achieve them. The key is to balance your ambition with humility and gratitude.

Misconception 4: Talking About Money is Taboo

Isn't it funny how we can chat about so many things, but when it comes to money, lips are sealed? Open conversations about finance can lead to better decisions and a more balanced life. So, let's normalise talking about money!

Misconception 5: Charity is Only for the Wealthy

Nope, not true! One of the most beautiful teachings in Islam is that giving is for everyone. Whether it's your time, your skills, or even a smile, every act of charity counts. Your financial status should never deter you from earning rewards through giving.


How to Shift Your Mindset


First up, reflect on your own beliefs. Are these ideas coming from cultural norms and past experiences, or are they grounded in Islamic teachings? Understanding the root cause can help you decide if a mindset shift is in order.

Seek Knowledge

Knowledge is power, right? Dive into the Quran and Hadith and explore what they have to say about wealth, poverty, and charity. You'll be amazed at how much your perspective can shift with a deeper understanding of these topics.

Consult & Mentorship

It never hurts to get advice from those who've been there and done that—especially if they align their financial strategies with Islamic principles. Mentorship can offer you tried and true strategies that can put you on the path to financial well-being.



It's about time we got real about money and tore down the misconceptions that hold us back. Let's all strive to change our mindset, correct our course, and align our financial goals with our values and beliefs. Why should something as integral as finance be a roadblock on our journey toward being the best versions of ourselves?

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