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Holistic Success for Ambitious Muslims
Emphasis on "Holistic."

Authentic Islamic principles, research-driven tools, and deeply transformative strategies...

Experience relatable Islamic teachings, scientific tools, mindset shifts, and the genuine camaraderie of a friend walking with you on your journey to excellence.

It's no wonder our podcast has become can't miss listening for thousands of ambitious Muslims like you, aiming to excel in their faith, fitness, family, and finance.


Assalamu Alaikum!

I'm Rushdhi Ismail.

I'm your Holistic Peak-Performance Coach.

Unlocking your fullest potential isn't a choice—it's a divine obligation. I've been where you are: drained, aimless, overwhelmed. But I turned it around, and so can you.

With 25 years of experience and a unique blend of Islamic wisdom and scientific research, I've transformed the lives of hundreds of clients across 40+ countries. I know the pain of missed opportunities and the joy of holistic success.

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"When I joined your programme, I was 100% sure it would be awesome.
And I was right. But the truth is that your programme is beyond my expectations ma sha Allah.

Your work is just brilliant ma sha Allah. I really love it.."

Dunya Boudour, France

"Rushdhi is highly knowledgeable and is an expert in his subject. He knows perfectly what he talks about. The course is based on world-class scientific research while also drawing heavily from Islamic knowledge."

Insaf Nizam, India


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